Body & Soul

Our sauna area on 150m² encourages you to feel good. The finnish sauna strenghtens you immune system and the steam bath makes your skin smooth and soft.

Open 14.30 to 19.00

In addition we have a bio sauna and an infrared cabin, a crushed ice fountain and an AquaThermoJet for a fee. Afterwards make yourself cosy in our stylish relexation room above the roofs of Juns.

Bathrobes are provided (for a small fee).

FINNISH SAUNA (70° C – 90° C)

The most familiar kind of sauna in Austria, it promotes blood flow and strenghtens the immune system.


A gentle version of sauna with temperatures of 65 ° C and a humidity of 45%.

STEAM BATH (40° C – 50° C)

The steam bath activates every single pore of skin - leaving you attractive and healthy and your skin silky smooth.


Infrared radiation transfers heat contactless to the skin and provides deep relaxation of the muscles.


Stay in form!


Our fitness room is equipped with modern equipment (cardio, endurance and power training).